About Us

Saturn Dess Foundation is an innovated organization being set up for the care and protection of stray animals. Established in the year 2021 to provide food, care and medical support to the stray animals. 

Saturn Dess Foundation is a Non- Governmental Organization committed towards the care and affection of homeless and street dogs, which are often referred as Stray dogs. These stray dogs manage to survive hardly on garbage or leftover food and sometimes help from feeders. They are often found in the streets or under a tree digging up their spot for their relief. 

Strays also experience high incidences of infectious diseases and injury resulting their lives being much shorter than those of pet (“homed”) dogs. Stray animals very often come across with the trauma of being bullied or teased by their fellows or mischief parts of the community. 

Some loose their life because of food deficiency or in course of struggling for any medical support if needed to them. Strays are often not vaccinated against rabies or other infectious diseases and also lack basic veterinary care.

These strays also lack off homing attention as enjoyed by other pets.

Saturn Dess Foundation began with the need to plug this deficiency. It became our motto to provide complete medical assistance to the homeless animals, carving the vision to help all these stray animals with at least their basic necessities such as medical support and shelter through our programs which are namely as follows:-

1. Medical Assistance

2. Re-Homing Program