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Jimmy Released by Saturn Dess Foundation, Gurugram

Jimmy Released!

Meet Jimmy. She was rescued from Sec 50, Gurugram. She had a vaginal internal infection and spaying was the only solution to curb the infection to affect other organs. Her blood tests were conducted before surgery. She was given medicines. On being fit for surgery, she was spayed. She was taken care properly after surgery. Food and medicines were administered on proper time. Due to passage of time, she recovered completely and ready to release at the place where she was rescued.

Kiki Released by Saturn Dess Foundation

Kiki Released !! 

Kiki, a very friendly female stray dog in Sec 18, Gurugram had a tumor at her fore limb. A volunteer inform SDF about her tumor and the team reached at the location and rescued her. A surgery was conducted to remove the tumor. Post surgery, she was taken care properly. Her recovery was fast due to healthy diet. She was released at her rescued place.

Alan released by Saturn Dess Foundation

Alan Released!

Meet Alan. He was infected with paw infection. It was very hard for him to move for him from one place to another for food. He was rescued by Saturn Dess Foundation’s team. His showed positive signs from first day of his treatment. Alan was given proper diet to avoid any weakness. Now, Alan is healthy and ready to release at his native place. 

Puffy Released!

Puffy a lovely female dog was found in Sec 49, Gurugram with a long cut wound on her lower abdomen by an accident. Her case was informed by our volunteer and SDF team rescued and brought her at their shelter. Her outer skin was scratched due to the accident. Her wound was cleaned and medicines were applied. Her X-ray was conducted to acknowledge any fracture. Blood samples were also taken for further diagnosis. Fortunately, there was no fracture. 

She was kept under vet observation for one week. She was administered antibiotic injections and wound healing medicines properly. She got best medical care, food and accommodation till she made perfect recovery within 15 days. 

After full recovery, Puffy is taken back to her place in Sector 49 of Gurugram. We wish her a happy and healthy life ahead. 

Four puppies released after treatment by Saturn Dess Foundation, Gurugram
Four Puppies Released!
A seasonal vagary is a hard time for stray puppies. In summers, Diarrhea is a common canine affliction and it varies in frequency, duration, and intensity from dog to dog. One of stray dog lover informed Saturn Dess Foundation about the condition of four puppies in Sec 49, Gurugram. These four puppies, named Green P, Red, Yellow and Green were rescued and brought at the center of SDF. They all were diagnosed with vomiting and Diarrhea. Although a dog diarrhea is a common affliction, a puppy faces additional risks as they don’t have strong immune systems as compared to adult dogs. These puppies were not eating anything and getting weak. First, our vet conducted some tests to identify the cause of diarrhea that involved checking for pathogens like Clostridioides Difficile and parasites like Giardia. He also did CBC and ELISA antigen test to check for parvo.

Luckily, they were free from contagious viral infection. Drips with antibiotics were given to them for quick relief. Within a five days treatment, all these puppies started eating food. On becoming healthy and active, they are being released at their rescued place.

Tiger release by Saturn Dess Foundation, Gurugram, Haryana
Tiger Released!
At the beginning of March, one of our volunteers found a stray dog named Tiger was crying in pain in Sector 55, Gurugram. The Poor Tiger was not able to move a budge due to fracture in his hind leg. The volunteer informed Saturn Dess Foundation about it and the team quickly rescued him and brought him into their shelter. The Poor Tiger was cowering and terrified when he arrived at the shelter. But the vet team of Saturn Dess Foundation handled him gently and carefully. His blood sample was taken and his hind leg was X rayed to locate the fracture. As the passage of time at the center, Tiger showed recovery. Everyone at the shelter was very patient with Tiger and made sure to give him all of the love, care and attention. He was very friendly too. They team used to watch him come out of his shell every day — until the dejected Tiger had transformed into the happiest dog at the shelter. Within a month, Tiger is finally fit and fine. He is being discharged and release at his native location.
Oppo released by Saturn Dess Foundation, Gurugram, Haryana

Oppo Released!

A very friendly stray female dog named Oppo was brought in the shelter of Saturn Dess Foundation when one of our volunteer informed us about her vaginal bleeding. The team rescued her from SS Plaza, Sec 47 Gurugram. Her blood tests were conducted many times. She was diagnosed with multiple tumor inside her vagina. During her treatment, she got viral fever with vomiting and diarrhea. She stopped taking food. But our team in the shelter tried very hard to treat her. She was given medicines and injections at proper time. Oppo responded to the treatment very positively and she became healthy within a month. She is being discharged and released to her native place.

Max release by Saturn Dess Foundation in Gurugram

Max Discharged and Released!

One of our volunteers informed that Max, a four month stray puppy was crying in pain at sector 67, Gurugram. His forelegs were wounded. He was unable to walk. The Saturn Dess Foundation team reached at the location and rescued the puppy. After arriving at the shelter, Max was administered medicines and injections. He was very friendly puppy. He took all the medicines on time. In few weeks, Max responded to treatment very positively and showed quick recovery. All his wounds healed within two weeks. He is appearing healthy now and today he is being discharged and released at his native place.

Lily released by Saturn Dess Foundation

Lily Released!

Lily was rescued from Sec 47 in Gurugram after she was hit by a vehicle. This accident caused many internal injuries to her. She was critical, lethargic and unable to eat, when she was brought at the shelter of Saturn Dess Foundation. The team in the Foundation treated her on priority basis. She was administered antibiotics, pain killer as well as other medicines for quick recovery. With a proper diet and treatment at the shelter, she recovered within a month. The healthy dog is being released back to her place happily.

Kids relaxing in the garden

In the shelter of the Saturn Dess Foundation, dogs and gardens just naturally go hand-in-hand. The team in foundation, likes to be outside with all destitute stray dogs who are suffering with some sort of disease. We enjoy watching the picnic time of our dogs running through the grass, lying and eating in the garden. By keeping the dogs’ need in our mind as well as the needs of plants and wildlife, our dogs and garden really coexist quite happily. By taking it a special feature just for the dogs, we enjoy our garden to the fullest, and enable our garden to enrich our dogs’ life!

Paki release by Saturn Dess Foundation, Gurugram

Paki Rescued!

A stray female dog ‘Paki’ was hit by a vehicle in sector 46, Gurugram and this accident left her with internal injuries. She was lethargic and having too pain to walk. The Saturn Dess Foundation rescued the dog and rushed her to their shelter for some urgent care. 

At the shelter, she received all emergency medical care she needed. She was given antibiotics and pain killer. Her blood tests were performed and she went into the X ray room to locate the fracture. Fortunately, she had no fracture. After healing up her internal injuries, the dog had a wound on right earlobe. The team of Foundation, examined it and found that that it was a tumor. Earlobe surgery was performed to remove the tumor and the skin was stitched for quick healing. After 15 days of surgery, stitches were removed. She was fit and fine and ready to discharge. She is being released back to its area where she was rescued from.  

Tommy released after treatment by Saturn Dess Foundation

Tommy Released!

Dog bite–related wounds seem to have become a common problem, especially when they relate to the head and neck region. Tommy, a stray dog had a neck wound and swelling in his neck region. He was rescued ten days ago by Saturn Dess Foundation from Sector 50 in Gurugram. On his arrival at the shelter, he was administered medicines and injection to minimise his pain and swelling. His wound was treated by properly by the team in Foundation. On being treated, he is being released in sector 50, Gurugram.

Dholu surgery - Saturn Dess Foundation, Gurugram

Ten days back, the Saturn Dess Foundation rescued a stray dog named Dholu from Sector 18, Udyog Vihar, Gurugram. Poor Dholu had met with an accident and his hind limb was fractured. He was cowering and terrified when he arrived at the shelter. The team at the Foundation administered him immediate medicines and treatment. He is undergoing hind leg surgery.

Bitto release

Post Surgery, Sweet Bitto Discharged and Released 

Stranded in Sector 17, Gurugram, sweet female puppy ‘Bitto’ met with an accident. Her hind limb was broken. The team of Saturn Dess Foundation considered it an emergency and rescued her. The team brought her at their shelter where she was treated. The dog underwent hind limb surgery and post surgery she showed quick recovery. She was healthy and happy at her release. Meet Bitto! 

Sheru released after having treatment by Saturn Dess Foundation, Gurugram

Sheru Released! 

The Saturn Dess Foundation in Gurugram cured a street dog named Sheru. He had a deep wound in his penis region. The team cured the Sheru within three weeks and released him in Sec 46, Gurugram.

Sephard release after treatment by Saturn Dess Foundation

Sephard Released!

Sephard, a female street dog has been cured of Maggots wound on Scapular region by Saturn Dess Foundation. The foundation took extreme  care during her treatment and she has been released in Sec 48, Gurugram.

Bobby Released!

Having successful treatment of wound on ear, Bobby has been released in Sector 50 Gurugram. Bobby got wound on his ear and the team of Saturn dess Foundation cured the dog within a month. At the time of release the dog was active and healthy.

Raja Rescued!

Meet Raja. He is a dashing, fun loving, male adult dog of 6-7 yrs of age rescued by Saturn Dess Foundation team from Sec 50, Galleria Market, Gurgaon. Diagnosed with a maggot wound on the left part of his neck.

He has been admitted to the vet and is under medication till his proper recovery.

Charu Rescued!

Charu, an indie breed female dog of around 6-7 years of age was rescued from Sector 50, Gurgaon. She had a wound on her shoulders and has recently given birth to 4 puppies.

Team Saturn Dess Foundation took her to the hospital for the treatment and dropped her to her place post treatment.

Chintu Rescued!

Chintu was having infection on his left foot and was immediately taken to the vet where after initial treatment and dressing he was dropped back to his place.

Franklin Rescued! 

Franklin had a swelling on his hand and post x-ray a fracture on his hand was diagnosed. He was rescued late evening and has been admitted to the vet and plaster on his hand has been done.

He is now on the way of recovery and will be discharged soon.

Susan a female stray dog of around 4-5 months was found with a wound on her neck near South City 2, Gurgaon. Saturn Dess Foundation rescued her and was taken to the hospital for the treatment. Now she is fit and her wound is almost healed. She has been discharged and released back to her place from where she was rescued.
Caramel (4-5 Yrs/M, Indie) was spotted at Sec-23 Gurgaon. He was spotted by our volunteer with several dog bitten wounds over his body. The news reached to us and with bare minimum time Team Saturn Dess Foundation reached the spot. Dressing, Anti-Rabies Dose and medicines were given to Caramel and the medicines for next couple of days has been handed over to the volunteer.

Kalu, an aging dog, returned safely to his territory after 39 days. He had a very deep wound on his front leg, so deep that his bones were clearly visible from inside. After long treatment and care, it is completely fine now.

Another cute dog Maddy (Motu), who had a deep wound in his back, is back on his territory after making a full recovery. When one can help a living soul, one’s soul is also relieved.