Volunteering @ Saturn Dess Foundation

Are you passionate about Animals? Do you want to work for the welfare of the least privileged creatures? We are in constant search of people who are caring towards animals. The increasing number of mistreated animals on street compels us to make a loud appeal to one and all to come forward & join us in caring for these speechless & homeless beings. We need YOU.



According to the Article 51A(g) of Indian Constitution, it is the fundamental duty on the citizens of India to have compassion for living creatures.  It is also our moral responsibility to be sensitive to them and to take care of them. Your time, money and most importantly, your passion to bring about a positive change in the life of animals is exactly why we would love to have you on board.


Saturn Dess Foundation provides a diverse range of tasks for volunteers like:

• Nutritious Feeding
• Vaccination Drive
• Animal Medical Assistance
• Social Media Campaign
• Event Support

• Social Awareness Program

Volunteer Request Form (VRF)

Let’s join hand to take some more effective steps towards animal’s care. Kindly provide the details in the form provided below. We will contact you very soon.

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