Re-Homing Program

In our cities animals born on the streets have to face many difficulties and challenges living a life alone on the streets. They have to fend for themselves, make sure they survive while tacking the urban cities. Animals on the streets often get injured hit by vehicles, harassed by humans and sometimes even end up in fights with other animals. 

Many times these small injuries resolve themselves but often times they require medical attention. That is where our team steps in to help – if we come across an injured animal on the streets they are picked up by our ambulance and rushed to a nearby vet. The animals then stay with our team to recover and once we believe they can fend for themselves released back to the same area. All animals are sterilised and vaccinated before we drop them back. Currently we have very limited space for injured animals to recovery so we are unable to help all the animals that are in need of help. But with your support hope to expand our re-homing project and help many more injured animals to recover.